Friday, May 5, 2017

I am now the face of a pre-existing condition

I am now the face of a pre-existing condition and have to worry that if the Senate passes what the House did yesterday, that I will be put into a special (not special) Risk pool and pay more for my healthcare. The GOP celebrated in the rose garden with Trump all happy and feeling like they stuck it to Obama's legacy, while all the while 24 million American's could be losing their health care. For all those who voted for Donald Trump, and it's people like you who are losing health care, I ask: HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW? 250,000 million Oregonians could lose the health care that they were enjoying and utilizing so that they lived long healthy lives. It could all be gone and the preventative care they were getting will be taken away. "How do you like Trump now". WHile him and his billionaire cronies as his cabinet stick it to people 50-60 years old, it's against the baby boomers, the term is called "Punch the Hippie" they punched when they gutted the EPA and it's regulations that keep our water and air clean, they punched the hippie when they defunded Planned Parenthood where millions of women get their health care (zero fed money goes for abortions). Every ideal that boomers worked for, equality rights for people of color and women, gays, immigrants, environmental legacy, alternative energy is being threatened. Do you know what you can do about it? Call your Legislatures and talk to who picks up the phone of their office and tell them you are mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. That in 2018 you will vote them out of office. America stand up for yourself! We are a force that can change things. Keep your personal power of the people and instead of turning off the Washington news, listen to what this man, their President is doing. Do you want your brothers and sister, your grandchildren to lose their health care? And if you are a young adult and say "I don't need healthcare" I say just wait until you feel that lump in your breast or find out you have cancer, believe me then you will want health insurance. The young have to buy into having insurance, it helps pay for people who are old and sick. So now I am the face of a person with a pre-existing condition MS, and I laid awake last night wondering whether I can afford my health care. The GOP showed just how mean and selfish they can be, driven by the hate of having a black president, still upset about that, so angry that they want to undo anything good he did, and salivating while they pat each other on the backs of other old white dudes who are making decisions for the rest of us. P.S. that bill also put in a bill to give the rich, the 2 percent a tax cut of billions of dollars. For God's sake, people stand up for all of us who will be affected by this inhumane, move by the Republicans.
I am writing the white house, my Senators and Representatives, it's easy to send the same letter by email to dozens of them Democrats and Republicans. Write a letter to the editor. Or cut and paste this letter. Now is the time to speak up. It's a matter of life and death. Peace will co

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