Wednesday, March 30, 2016

: Susan Surandon gets flack over her comment: she would rather vote for Trump than Hillary.

: Susan Surandon gets flack over her comment: she would rather vote for Trump than Hillary.

It's all about how women can throw other women under the bus. In 2008 I believe Susan was a Hillary fan. It's all about the age old idea that men hold all the power and that strong women aren't liked even by other women. For her to make a statement that she would rather vote for Trump over Hillary is really disappointing. Would we really want Trump over Hillary. Of course she has changed her statement.
Let's not forget about all the women in America who have lived decades being oppressed by wage inequality. Do we really want another old, white dude for President? Talk about status quo.
America think about it, why are so many resistant to having a woman President? Women are the majority we should choose our next President, Trump or Cruz aren't viable solutions, so that leaves Bernie and Hillary, who are really not that different when it comes down to it. I hope you are voting Democratic, Trump would be a disaster.
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elizabeth Warren scolds the obstructionists party, Republican's had 8 yrs of it

Elizabeth Warren scolds the obstructionists party, Republican's had 8 yrs of it  this is the link in blue.

Ever since President Obama was elected the GOP said they would obstruct every idea he had, and the last seven years have proven that. Either upset that a black man is President (yes i am bold enough to say it) or just downright meanness, the GOP have said no to everything our President tried to accomplish.
Then the Cheif Justice died and it's time to choose another to the Supreme Court, this is according to our constitution, that our President can give suggestions to who that person should be. And here we go again, the GOP won't let it happen. Obama even was going to suggest a conservative, to replace a conservative. and still the GOP is saying they won't allow any candidates to be chosen.
It's a matter of doing what's part of our constitution, and they say they won't allow it. These obstructionists should be charged with trying to interfere with this process. They want to wait until after the election, during a time when many issues are coming before the Supreme Court. Like challenges to Roe VS Wade.
Don't worry, when Hillary wins she will be able to appoint the judge and perhaps she wil choose Barack Obama.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Eugene Oregon's Nervous Rex song "Let you in" The last two remaining band members of "Nervous Rex" band plays one of their standards, 'Let you in" tells about a rocky love affair and how in the middle of the night, sometimes you have to hold out.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hummingbird cam showing live hummingbird sitting on her nest

Hummingbird cam: UPDATE, Feb. 8, 2016: For the last five years The Register-Guard has trained a webcam on a nesting hummingbird outside the office windows in north Eugene. Please enjoy the show and come back often as the mother bird builds her nest, lays eggs and tends her young.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Get out those cast iron pans grandma gave you. Health benefits.
Get out those cast iron pans from out of the back of your cupboards and use them for health benefits.

If they look rusty or dull, you can re-cure them. Wash the pans with just hot water, then put onto a stove and heat until the water evaporates. Then take a paper towel and put some olive oil on it and wipe it on the pan.
Health benefits other than iron are being hailed by doctors.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Watch hummingbirds eating out of man's hand in Alaska

Watch hummingbirds eating out of man's hand in Alaska:  Watch this man in Alaska feed hummingbirds out of his palm, filled with nectar. The Rufous hummingbird is very protective of his source of nectar and will chase away any other bird it come's across.