Sunday, September 27, 2015

People with disabilities wheelchair systems are at risk. | World Pulse

People with disabilities wheelchair systems are at risk. | World Pulse

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Women at non-profits make less. Once again women get the short end of the stick. | World Pulse

Women in non-profit company's still making less than they should. American women can elect a female President and get wage equity. 76 cents on the dollar, my montra, but why are we still making less than a man doing the same job.
Women need to unite and vote for a woman President. Could women do any worse?
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

How Multiple Sclerosis changes as you age. What to expect. | World Pulse

How Multiple Sclerosis changes as you age. What to expect. | World Pulse

People with MS live only seven years less than the normal person, read this article about how we age and how our symptoms progress or remain stable. No one knows how their MS will progress, but certain things may happen as you age. Things like increased balance issues, problems with fatigue.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Ms. Fiorina reminds us that women are the majority in America, and could decide the next President. | World Pulse

Good for you Ms. Fiorina, one of many GOP Presidential
candidates, when you brought up the fact that America’s majority are women. Yes
indeed, a subject that many men don’t realize, is that this next election may
be decided by women. Now that doesn’t mean that other women will actually vote
for a woman, as we all know that many women in our society won’t support other
women. It’s a known fact. But before Ms. Fiorina gets all the credit, she has
to keep in mind that Hillary is the true candidate for women, since she already
broke that glass ceiling in 2008, with 16 million votes.  And yet she lost to Barrack Obama, by having
more popular vote but not enough electoral votes to win. People would rather
have a black man than have a female President, and not much has changed. If
American women would only wake up and vote for a woman President, but will

But Ms. Fiorina, don’t think for a moment that GOP men and
women will ever vote for a woman President, they aren’t that evolved yet. All
of the people on that debate stage on Wed night are out of touch with women and
it shows. The male dominated, mostly men tea party are mad as hell.  Look at how angry it made the base when a
black man, and a democrat won eight years ago. That’s why all the increased
membership in white supremacy groups, and all the haters who will do anything
to prevent another black man or any woman either GOP or not to win. The good
ole boys club is alive and well. The tea baggers who are mostly old white dudes
are alive and well. Look at all the love of the ever obnoxious Donald Trump?
That clown show goes on, with his pompous, egotistical, women hating, Hispanic
hating rhetoric. He’s making a joke out of our political process. We need to
look at why so many American’s like him so much. Do we want a loose cannon to
be our next President?
 Come on GOP you can
do better than that? Heck I’m a liberal democrat and can see the writing on the
wall. We all must fight to get rid of the carnival act that has hijacked the
GOP and get down to the real issues.

And if Ms. Fiorina thinks about it, she would know that
those “majority” of women she talked about are women who favor Planned
Parenthood. These women, who favor Hillary Clinton as our only hope for a
female President. Women, can’t we just pull together and make history by
electing a female for President and as many females for our Congress. Women
only make up a mere 17 percent in Congress). Mind you that’s tragic, due to the
fact that we are the majority in this country.
So while the GOP try to muddy the waters with trumped up
issues like Planned Parenthood and woman’s health choices. With seven billion
people in the world, how can anyone be for defunding Planned Parenthood? It’s a
typical male dominated view that men should keep running this country and
defining women’s health.
It ain’t gonna work anymore, dudes.
Women are here to stay and it’s about time men get used to
So when you go to vote in the upcoming Presidential primary,
vote with your heart.
Could women do any worse?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Author finishes her first novel 'The Eve Chronicles' by Diane DeVillers | World Pulse  Check out her author page on amazon to find out the back ground story about a remarkable woman in the three books of "The Eve Chronicles", the first book from the Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon where Eve works as a timber cruiser. "From the Waters of Coyote Springs", then in

Three books make "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers.
Three books make "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers.

The first book of "The Eve Chronicles. 
The first book of "The Eve Chronicles.

The second book of "The Eve Chronicles"
The second book of "The Eve Chronicles"
"Felix and Eve" she moves to the coastal town of Gold Beach and lives a summer with Felix, an elderly man who needs a live in caregiver while he recovers from heart by-pass surgery. Every night they play cards out on his back porch and he eventually opens up about his life, in the days when he worked for the notorious Al Capone.

The third book in "The Eve Chronicles"
The third book in "The Eve Chronicles"
The third book is called "The Arrangement" the now retired, baby boomer Eve, now lives on her own property on Moon Mt in the eclectic town of Eugene, Oregon. Vinnie her long time friend lives in her back yard in a yurt. Every year she gets the same letter with the skeleton key in it, then goes off to Catalina Island to spend time with her former lover who has Multiple Sclerosis. During that time Vinnie takes care of her property, watering her many flower and food gardens. Even harvesting and freezing items as they ripen. Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent.