Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A letter to millenniums

A letter to millenniums: http://dailytwocents.com/a-letter-to-the-millenniums/

Think about your mothers and grandmothers when you vote how they would want the first woman President. Feminists who started the movement have waited a long time to get a woman ready and willing to be our first woman President.

Bernie talks about a revolution but what are his plans. If he was so good at revolution then why didn't he and all the other old, white dudes in Congress pass laws to give wage equity to women?

A vote for Hillary is a vote we won't regret. Who better to lead the nation than a woman? Many of you millenniums say "We will see our first woman President but not now?". I say why wait, baby boomer women have fought for this chance for decades, and we don't have many decades left.

Vote for your mother and grandmother, who fought so you could be free from oppression. Who better to lead our nation than a woman?

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