Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trumps town hall. Just another freak show

Why is CNN giving Trump huge blocks of time? Because he's a train wreck, you are like an ambulace chaser, running around with your cnn microphone. It's a shame you give him so much time. oh how funny you lost his signal for a moment had a chance to go in another direction but no you just went back to that fool. Does CNN know how foolish it would be to have this manic be President."We are going to be good< we are going to change things, all these false promises, with no plan. "I'm rich," so what, why is this idiot being allowed to make a mockery of our Presidential primary.
The town hall is as big as trumps head. his followers are un evolved, haters, sexists, racists and it shows the under belly of the American people. i am afraid that he will win and he would run rough shot over everything good in our country. He would get rid of Obama care, but has to plan to replace it, he would get rid of the IRS, get ride of all illegal aliens, build a huge wall and thinks Mexico would actually pay for it.
No this guy is nuts, and it panders to the mass of people who are angry, and mean and nasty. Shows the true colors of so many americans. Sad.  

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